Seth & Hina's Wedding

Seth & Hina came to us through a recommendation. Their family have never used our services. They had three events booked with us, Mendhi, Bharat and Walima. We met them in person at the studio and discussed what they were looking for.

They had a lot planned for their events, we build an itinerary and a shot list to make sure we have everything covered and captured.


The Bharat Day

The Bharat day was packed with a lot to capture. We had three teams spread across Seth’s house, at the Hotel with Hina and someone at the venue to capture guest arrivals and decor. Seth’s house consisted of capturing a lot of tradition and Hina was very simple, her looking like a bride and posing away for the camera.


Seth made a grand entrance on a horse, which looked very cool we must admit. Their wedding took place in Stockley Park, had amazing outdoor space for us to capture their couple shoot, which we nailed. We still remember the banter we had on the day which helped to get the best out of them.

The Walima Day

Walima day was most definitely the fun day which took place at Syon Park Venue. It started at the Hilton London Syon Park Hotel with both Seth & Hina. Their shoot in front of Syon House was something else. Their first dance was a massive highlight for us, ended the night with a lot of dancing on the dance floor.


“A friendly and highly professional team that made me and my husband both feel very comfortable during all three of our large events.”

– Seth & Hina

Each event had its challenges but handling the events was easier than expected as we had the right number of team members for each day. With Seth and Hina’s wedding, we went full force when it came to their portraits and couple shoot, the full team came on board to capture from different angles and with different lenses.

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