Moshin & Monira's Wedding

Moshin is the man with the ideas. We can still remember our conversations before the wedding where he had ideas surprising Monira with a few things and wanted us to keep it hush till the big day. Moshin and Monira booked Froyle Park as their wedding venue, a stunning estate with ample amounts of locations for us to explore and shoot.

Discussing a shoot abroad is probably the most exciting part. We were excited that we were booked out to go to Thailand, Phuket for their Honeymoon shoot. An incredible experience that we’ll never forget.


Capturing every moment in a single day

In the space of a day, we had to capture their nikkah, civil ceremony and reception party. To be able to achieve this we required an extra team member who had the task of capturing natural moments and reaction of both bride and groom along with the family members. While the other team focused on the bride and groom.

“From the initial bespoke consultation to the excellent customer service throughout and on the day. Our friends, family and most importantly, as a couple – we were blown away by the level of dedication and commitment.”

– Moshin and Monira

Reaching new heights

The biggest challenge with Moshin and Monira’s event was being at the location on time as something planned was about to happen and we had to be ready to capture it.

Our journey to Thailand, Pukhet had its challenges. Putting aside the blazing heat we had to climb up a cliff to get what we call a “Money shot”. The cliff shot was not planned into the itinerary or our shot list, it came across to us on the day and we were adamant that we wanted to make this happen.

As you could imagine we were not prepared and we did not have the correct footwear to climb but we still managed to do this and come back safe and alive. Phew!

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