James & Ammaria's Wedding

Ammaria initially got in touch with us after following our social media platforms and started falling in love with our work. We still remember the initial meeting we had with James and Ammaria where we showed them all our videos and pictures. This meeting stands out in our memory as Ammaria was Pakistani and James was Italian. Because of this, it was a bit tricky getting James on board with our style of photography and cinematography.

James & Ammaria had three events which needed capturing: the Mendhi, the Red day which was Ammaria’s day (Wedding) and the White day which was James’s day (Reception).


Planning the Red Day

The red day created a challenge for us, it was booked at The Pavilion in Walthamstow which has very nice interior decor but not much on the outside.

We had to come up with a plan where we could implement both interiors of the venue and shoot a location which complimented the video and made it look seamless once edited together. In the end, we chose to go to the Walthamstow Town Hall which worked like a dream, had amazing greenery and beautiful colours to work with around the town hall.

Capturing the White Day

Out of all the three days that we were booked in for, the White day was probably the most challenging event. We had a 12-hour shoot booked in at the venue, Froyle Park. We stayed at a hotel the night before as it was an early start.


The day consisted of pre shots of both James and Ammaria in their first outfits. The civil ceremony which we all know is a timed event and couldn’t be late for. Following on from that is the photoshoot with her white dress before changing into the evening reception dress. We had a shoot with the second outfit before their grand entrance.

The evening finished with their cake cutting, first dance and finally everyone enjoying themselves on the dance floor. Although we had 12 hours to do all this which sounds like a lot of time but trust me, it wasn’t. Time flies by when you enjoy capturing someone’s big day.


“Leading up to the day their communication was excellent, they always returned calls and emails and timeframes were always met. Their passion in wanting to make this a great day for us was clear.”

– James & Ammaria

Overcoming challenges

As each event is different from another, the event presented its challenges. Example, the mendhi was captured during the evening which meant that daylight was not on our side and we had to capture many parts before the sunset.

The wedding day was all about capturing the couple’s shoot away from the venue as there was no setting around the venue itself and finally, the reception was all about getting the most out of the day and capturing everything correctly while not rushing it. All this was possible as tasks were delegated efficiently between the teams on each day.

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