Fuaad & Sarah's Wedding

They came to us seeking someone who could take up a challenge of capturing their mendhi up in Manchester and also their wedding/reception in Dubai. Sarah & Fuaad got in touch with us via email, to begin with, we discussed packages and prices and then agreed on a booking.

We booked in a consolation where they attended and at this point, we spoke more in-depth in regards to this exciting project. They both had ideas which we had to fulfil and as a creative media company.


We had to go above and beyond to give them something that they haven’t asked for. I feel that we built an amazing bond with both Sarah & Fuaad from the get-go which made it fun and far easier to get their inner personalities out into their pictures and videos.


From Manchester to Dubai

The journey started when we drove up to Manchester to start shooting their Nikkah. Onthe same day, we also captured their Mendhi. We stayed over the night in Manchester as flights were booked the following morning from Manchester to Dubai. We flew out with the bride and groom along with their family members, it was an amazing experience to share these special moments the both them and the family.

“For anyone looking for a company to capture the special moments of your big day, Picturthat will make you feel like every moment is special and extraordinary. ”

– Fuaad & Sarah

Arriving in Dubai was just a crazy feeling, We’ve always wanted to do a destination wedding out there. Next day the shoot commenced. This included pre shots at the hotel and then a photoshoot at the reception venue and then finally the grand event to finish off the evening.

We had a lot to do in such small space of time but with the teams help and the years of experience in dealing with tight deadlines we managed to pull through at the end.

Next day we had a post-shoot booked. We set out with different outfits and different locations in mind. We managed to capture all the was planned, left with some breath-taking shots. Overall it was most definitely a journey to remember and one that we will always want to repeat.

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