Azharul & Fariya's Wedding

Azharul initially contacted us via email with the dates and event details. We were chuffed to hear that they have been following our work all the way from the United States.

Normally at this stage, we would invite the couple for a consultation to go over the package details and show more of our work. As this was not possible, we had an hour-long Skype call speaking to them about the package, showing them a few things and answering some of their questions. They had so many ideas about the locations where they would like to take us, we were excited as New York was a whole new playground for us.


Preparing the team

We were out there to shoot three events, Nikkah, Holoud and the Wedding reception. Each day had a shoot booked in before the events took place. Azharul & Fariya flew four of us out, which meant that for each event we had a team of four – now that’s a lot of photographers and cinematographers.

Delegating tasks and roles to the team was easy and we knew exactly what we wanted to capture, along with what style they both wanted.


New York

Each event presented its own challenges for us, the hardest challenge was keeping cool under the summer sun of New York. Let’s just say It was blazing hot. The Nikkah started at the Mosque, then we ended up doing a photoshoot at the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge as backdrops.

Holoud was most defiantly the event we enjoyed the most. It started off with a photoshoot locally in Heckscher State Park. Then, we headed back for their entrances which were entertaining for sure and then we ended the evening with a Holoud fight and a lot of dancing/entertainment.


The wedding reception took place in Crest Hollow Country Club, stunning venue with ample grounds to work with. We captured both Azharul & Fariya getting ready at the venue then moved onto a photo-shoot. The civil ceremony took place outside and then the evening reception was held inside.

“It was a great feeling knowing there was someone working so hard to capture the perfect moments and hype you up on your big days.”

– Azharul & Fariya

Once the event finished we then went out for a second shoot away from the venue with the New York skyline in the background. We started just before sunset and captured some stunning shots.

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